One of the three fundamental principles of Sanathana Sanskriti is “Aptha Vakyam Pramanam”. It means, when one has a doubt on anything, he clarifies the same by discussing it with scholars. All the doubts you have on Sanathana Sanskriti and other related topics will be clarified by Swami Chidanandapuri by givingclear and correct answers.


Prof. Prema Pandurang (Daily Program) One of the invaluable gifts of the ancient culture based on Sanathana Dharmam is Ramayanam, the great epic of all time. Prof. Prema Pandurang, Chairperson of the Kshethropasana... READ MORE


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Documentary series on Temples (Week Days Program) Keralam is a place of temples. The life of Keralites is inter-twined to temples and faiths. There are thousands of temples – big and small –... READ MORE